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Hi Friends!

We are excited to announce the launch of our Indiegogo campaign! If you love Fat Fancy and our mission, we really need your help push us to the next level.  Donations of even $5 are extremely helpful, and spreading the word is invaluable! Check out our campaign and donate here! Have a great week!

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2 Responses to Help us get Bigger and Better!

  1. craig baker says:

    you dont have a email address published on your page so using the comments section. Have you looked into federal grants that are available to minority owned businesses?

    If not, there should be information available at the Portland office of the Small Business Administration. Just google “portland small business administration” and you will get the portland site for the SBA.

  2. fatfancy says:

    Hi Craig!

    Thanks so much for writing! Our website is still in transition. We will make a point to add our email address to the contact us page. And just for reference, it’s, fatfancy @ gmail . com (without the spaces)!

    We have looked into federal grants and grants for minorities. It has been our experience that there are not a lot out there, and the few that are out there are really hard to get. Whenever we come across one that we are eligible for, we apply. I just checked the SBA’S website again, and woah do they make it hard to find them! I will keep checking back. Thank you so much for thinking of us, and if you ever hear of a specific grant we might be eligible for please let us know!

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