Hello World! Welcome to our brand-new website!

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  1. Ros Edwards says:


    Looking forward to your site and buying online! I’m based in London, UK. Please add me to your mailing list and let me know when the site is up and running.



  2. Rania says:

    Hi do u send over to the UK

  3. tasha says:

    I saw this shop on television when Beth ditto visited. It looks fab and i hope the website gets completed as i live in England i would only be able to order the clothes online x

  4. Dee says:

    As above! Saw you on the programme too. Put me on your mailing list x Looking forward to seeing the site x

  5. wendy verity says:

    Hi I saw this on the programme with Fern and Beth Ditto looking forward to buying online from you I live in England too and wondered if you would add me to your mailing list online x

  6. AMSJ says:

    Hi! I saw the show with Beth Ditto last night also. Can you add me to your mailing list, pretty please?!?!

    The clothes looked beautiful. We really need some gorgeous fashion for big people over here in the UK, it’s shocking the crap they put out.
    x x x

  7. Sarah says:

    As the posts above…the store looks fabulous but in the uk so hopefully be able to buy online. Looking forward to it x
    Please add me to the mailing list x

  8. Tasha laisure says:

    Please please add me to the mailing list – I’m a plus size in the UK and would love to get some stuff sent over Thanks 🙂 x

  9. Cariad says:

    Haha! Just like all the other guys above, i too live in the UK and wish i could some how get to your shop! It looks AWESOME! Beth Ditto hooked me up 😀 Would also love to shop online ^_^

  10. Aimee says:

    Saw you on fern with beth ditto! Your clothes are amazing! Will you be selling items online and to the UK? Please add me to your mailing list 🙂 x

  11. karen says:

    would love it if you sold online and shipped to UK.

    fed up being plus size and not being able to dress how i want 🙁

  12. Kitty says:

    As above! haha!

  13. Lynsey says:

    As above, can’t wait to see what’s available on ur website. Live in Scotland so hope I’ll mail to me ! Please add me to ur mailing list !

  14. C says:

    seriously consider dispatching to the uk. we struggle for ‘trendy’ fashion plus size clothing …. i too saw u on beth ditto interview showed in uk

  15. kathleen morris says:

    this shop looked ace seen beth ditto shopping there with fearne cotton. I am looking forward to the website being up and running! Please add me to your mailing list

  16. Adelaide says:

    Heya, also like some others I saw you on TV, the clothes I saw looked AMAZING! So please add me to whatever mailing list you have or email me when you’re up and running, I’m from England, so PLEASE tell me you ship over here, will pay whatever! ^__^

  17. sally says:


    I also seen your shop on a show about Beth Ditto, I thought you clothes look amazing.

    Please add me to you mailing list.

    Hey fellow UK curvy girls, who is with me on this, we need a shop like this in the UK!!!!


  18. Allie Dawson says:

    I’m the same as the other posts. Can’t wait to check out your stock & really hope you deliver to the UK. Can you please add me to your mailing list 🙂 thank you x

  19. Nic says:

    how long till you guys have the site up and running???

  20. Isha Tell says:

    Hello! Well, I’m a little closer to you! I’m actually located in Portland, OR. I’ve visited your store once, and now that I have the hours of operation, I’ll be able to plan future visits as well. I bought a beautiful blue bustier in July/Aug of 2009, and loved it. Wore it once, and it was a hit. Can’t wait to get back for more shopping! Also, anticipating the launch of your website!!

  21. Barb Hughes says:

    Would you or one of your customers be interested in holding a plus size free clothing swap? I am a volunteer swap hostess for http://swappositive.wordpress.com and we don’t have any plus size swap coordinators/swaps at the moment, however several plus size women are clambering to swap. At this time their only option is an all size swap. Thanks for taking a look and seeing if this is something you’d like to volunteer to do.

  22. Jen says:

    Just saw your store listed in Lucky Magazine as one of the best stores for plus size clothing in the US! Congrats! I’m hoping you will have an online store! Best of luck to you and your store – we need more like yours!


  23. Angelina Mclean says:

    I really want to see what you got before I drive from Longview, wa! I pulled a story about ya from a magazine now I need to see what you have and get price range! Thanx

  24. Selma says:

    thanks foг helpful sսggestions and jսst great information

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