Buy / Sell / Trade – Please Read!

We are very happy to offer buy/sell/trade at Fat Fancy. Because we are a small business and things do come up, always call the store before coming in to make sure a buyer and budget are available, 503-445-4353

Clothing must be FREE OF PET HAIR. FREE OF STAINS. FREE OF RIPS AND TEARS. FREE OF ODORS. ALL ZIPPERS AND CLOSERS WORK, ETC… Clothing must be CLEAN and in near perfect condition, ready to go out on the floor. We are interested in vintage and modern men’s and women’s clothing, sizes 12/L and Above, as well as shoes, hats, bags and accessories in near perfect condition. Remember to call the store before bringing in any clothing for review.

Thanks for thinking of us! Hope to hear from you soon!

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6 Responses to Buy / Sell / Trade – Please Read!

  1. Roxane says:

    do you buy plus wedding dresses?

    • fatfancy says:

      Hello Roxanne,

      Sometimes we do buy wedding dresses! We decide on a case by case basis. Please call our store during business hours to find out when to possibly bring it in.

  2. David says:

    What if I have super cute clothes that I think y’all could sell but would rather just give them to because I <3 Fat Fancy?

    • fatfancy says:

      Thank you for thinking of us! We can also do trade if you want to get a gift certificate for someone or if you’d like to do some shopping yourself. Please call us at the store to see when the best time to drop by would be! 503-445-4353. You are super sweet!

  3. jawaher says:

    Ineed by shoes

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